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The lead consultant and founder of Mayflower Academics LLC is Daniel Goodman, AB, MBA, MEd. Dan is a highly experienced and successful college and graduate school application consultant, located in Boston.  He has 2 honors degrees from Harvard University (undergraduate + graduate) and 3 years working in the Harvard Admissions Office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He comes from a family with an illustrious academic pedigree; a total of ten members of his family graduated from Harvard University, others went to Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Oberlin, and Stanford.

While at Harvard, Dan was primary editor of a published Harvard Law Journal and a U.S. student delegate on the International Honors Program to 15 countries studying global institution-building within those countries.  Dan also served as a full-time Leadership Manager at the Harvard Kennedy School Leadership Center.  He also earned an MBA from the top entrepreneurship program in the U.S, the Olin School of Business at Babson College.  Dan served as senior consultant/director for two East Coast college and boarding school admission agencies for many years.

Beyond the classroom, Dan helped unite a major U.S. prep school (Pennington) and a Chinese high school near Shanghai in a successful curriculum partnership.  He has taught Common App Essay-writing and college interviewing to over 200 Chinese students in 6 major Chinese cities.  Finally, he is the author of the College Interview Training Guide which, together with personalized interview training on teleconference (Zoom/Skype), has been highly valuable to many aspiring international students unfamiliar with interview practice among leading U.S. colleges.

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