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Many successes, many returning students.


Top graduate programs (2021)

Christie applied for a graduate school package with us (10 schools) and already has been admitted to Master's degrees in Finance at Johns Hopkins and Yale.


Dream school (2021)

Zoe had worked with us for a number of top schools majoring in pre-med and got into her dream school, University of Pennsylvania.


Top graduate program (2020)

Siyu applied for a graduate school package with us  (5 schools) and was admitted to Columbia University Master’s program in Financial Mathematics and an NYU Master's program in Financial Engineering.


Top graduate program (2020)

Milly Z, applied for a graduate school package (8 schools), getting two offers (BU and UC Irvine) and two waitlists (Columbia, Northwestern).


First choice college (2019)

Paul L, applied for a college package with us (8 schools) with a 1400 SAT and got into NYU, his top choice.


First choice college (2019)

Kelvin L, applied for a college package (8 schools) with a 1430 SAT and got into UC Berkeley, his #1 choice.


Top college, leading graduate program, then top job as Adobe data scientist


Zi G, after working with us for 10 weeks in 2014,  gained admission to several leading U.S. colleges.  He chose NYU, where he majored in Economics.  Returning to us in 2018, he applied to graduate school in Business Analytics; we helped him achieve admission to Georgetown, University of Michigan and University of Rochester.  He chose University of Michigan for its MS Information/Analytics program. Finally, Zi just got a job offer to be a data scientist at Adobe Corporation in Seattle, starting Summer, 2021!


Good college, top graduate program, strong U.S. job (2014-2020)

Yihua W, after working with us, was able to craft winning college essays to Rutgers, Stony Brook and a top state university, which she chose.  Four years later, she utilized us for graduate school admissions counseling for technology analytics, and though she had little work experience, she obtained admission to Washington University in St. Louis (“WashU”). Yihua interned for Accenture and then got a job offer in a top level Tech company in Texas starting fall 2020.


Top college, then top medical school (2018)

Daniel W, a Chinese student from Manhattan, NYC, attended a good high school in New York.  With our help, he was admitted to several leading colleges, including University of Pennsylvania, where he attended.  Daniel returned to us four years later, when we helped Daniel  get into John Hopkins Medical School, one of the top three schools in the US, accepting less than 3% of applicants.


3 Top Ivy-league graduate programs (2017)

Anand, an Indian student with a college degree in Economics, was uncertain about his graduate school prospects and set his sights low.  With our help, Anand was admitted to Business AND Engineering schools (for double Master’s degrees) at three Ivy League schools: Dartmouth, Cornell, and Duke.  He chose Dartmouth for both his MBA (business) and M.Eng. (engineering).


9 of 10 college admissions / prestigious scholarship (2015)

Taylor, an American high school student with good grades and extracurriculars, wanted to go to a college “close to home”.  We helped her apply to 10 colleges and she got into 9!  She chose Smith College, a top all-women’s liberal arts college in the U.S., near Boston.  Also, we found and helped Taylor win a significant college scholarship.


Dream BA/MD program (2015)

Henry was a Chinese high school student who performed well in science classes at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. We helped him apply to both 4-year college and 7-year combined BA and MD programs. These 7-year are extremely competitive and would let Henry become a doctor in 7 years so he would not need to take the MCAT exam or apply to medical school after college. He was admitted to Cornell and Boston College (4 year) and his dream 7-year school program, where he is now.


Ivy League college / scholarship, top grad school, leading U.S. job (2012-20)

Jenny C, a Chinese student living in Boston, had strong grades and lots of musical talents.  We helped her win admission to several top schools, including Cornell University, where she majored in Economics and Mathematics.  Because her application was so excellent, she also received a partial scholarship to Cornell.   

Jenny returned several years later for help with her MBA applications.  She was waitlisted at Harvard Business School (HBS), and was admitted to Northwestern’s highly-rated Kellogg School of Management, where she graduated.  Now she’s living in San Francisco, married, and a senior marketing manager for a leading U.S. brand. (We are very proud of her academic accomplishments, but can't take credit for her marriage.)


Top boarding high school in MA (2016) then Brown University (2020)

Alex was a leading 8th grade student who sought our assistance for preparing applications and interviews to leading boarding high schools (2016) then Ivy League Universities.  He got admitted to 3 Top Ten Boarding Schools in New England, including Exeter and Deerfield, and later got admitted with us
to his dream college, Brown University (2020).

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