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We measure our success by your success

Our commitment to you is complete dedication to your needs.  We purposely limit the number of students we advise so each one can get our total attention until the job is done. 

We specialize in “winning big” with top university placements for our students.  We have coached American, Asian and other international students from NY, New England, LA, Shanghai, Beijing and all over Asia and the U.S. Many were admitted to Ivy League and other premier colleges they initially thought very unlikely.  With our deep knowledge of university admissions processes, and our Harvard admissions and leadership backgrounds, our students get into the very best schools their records can support. 

Our assistance goes far beyond college applications. If engaged early enough, we will help you with all aspects of your academic development, including course selection, extracurricular activities, leadership development, and excellent community service that Ivy League admissions are looking for.  We can also help you choose online courses, top summer school courses, community college courses and “winnable” academic competitions.  

Most critically, we specifically help students craft winning university essays. From the Common App to Coalition App to UC Essays plus other University-specific essays, we train our students to tell admissions officers in top US undergraduate and graduate programs what they really want to know about you.  

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